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Here You can find slides of all participants 

Susanne Zänker, A.I.S.E. Director General: Opening statement (slides)

Hans Ingels, Head of Unit in DG GROW, Bioeconomy, Chemicals & Cosmetics (GROW.F.2), European Commission (he didn't use slides, please check recording)

Sylvain Chevassus, Chargé de mission Europe International, French Ministry of Environment – Commissariat Général au Développement Durable: Technical and political vision on product environmental impact and consumer information (slides)

Emma Burlow, Founder of Lighthouse Sustainability: Green claims versus green washing (slides)

Eline Brugman, Director in Deloitte’s sustainability and climate practice: A.I.S.E. Charter KPI progress highlights & how innovative collaboration enables sustainable systemic change (slides) 

Valérie Séjourné, A.I.S.E. Director Communications: Empowering consumers through digitalisation: Learnings from consumer research (slides)

Nadia Viva, A.I.S.E. President: Closure (slides)

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